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    What are "Bonus Deals"?

    Swirling Honey Boutique offers 1-2 "Bonus Deals" each week.  Each "Bonus Deal" last for a total of 7 days.  At the end of the 7 days, Swirling Honey Boutique places a mass order with our manufacture of choice.  Bonus deals typically ship out of our shop between 3-5 weeks from the last day of the active bonus deal.

    Because we are not holding inventory on these deals, we are able to provide our customers with wholesale pricing.  We understand that waiting isn't always ideal but the amazing discounts are worth the wait!  

    Bonus deals are planned according to season, they will arrive on your doorstep either in season or before the next season even begins.  We like to say that these deals offer our customers end of season discounts before the season even begins!